Tote Baskets

Regular Tote
Sarah’s Tote
Fancy Tote
Slim Tote
Jessica’s Tote
New England Tote
Toddler Tote

Hanging Baskets

Large Hanging Basket with Feathers
Flag Basket
Door Basket
Country Hearts Hanging Basket
Bow Basket
Door Knob Basket
Country Kitchen Towel Rack
Extra Long Basket
Country Towel Rack with House
Candle Basket
Mail Basket
Onion Nest Basket
Hanging Heart Basket
Small Hanging Basket with Wood Heart
Small Hanging Basket with Rose
Small Hanging Basket with Heart Stencil
Small Elbow Basket
Weed Basket

Holiday Baskets

Christmas Card Holder
Christmas Stocking Ornament
Christmas Stocking
Holiday Candy Dish
Golden Star
Holiday Biscuit
Be My Valentine
Easter Basket with Personalized Stencil
Colorful Easter Basket
Hanging Easter Egg
Green and Yellow Easter Basket
Small Easter Basket
Pumpkin Basket

Storage Baskets

24 x 10 x 5 Storage Basket
20 x 8 x 6 Storage Basket
18 x 12 x 8 Storage Basket
14 x 10 x 8 Storage Basket
10 x 10 x 8 Storage Basket
12 x 12 x 8 Storage Basket
16 x 16 x 12 Storage Basket
14 x 14 x 10 Storage Basket
Storage Basket with Lid
and Plastic Liner
Storage Basket with Liner

Wine and Gift Baskets

Heart Basket with Handle
Double Wine Basket with Garter
Double Wine Basket with Wire Pig
Little Flowers Basket
Wine Server
Single Wine Tote
Small Round Gift Basket with Garter
Small Round Gift Basket with Raffia Bow
Friendship Gift
Ginny’s Gift Basket
Closed Bottom Basket with Bows
Closed Bottom Basket with Liner
Stenciled Heart Gift Basket
Tiny Gift Basket with Bow
Tiny Gift Basket with Garter
Square Gift Basket
Square Gift Basket with Garter
Baby Gift Basket
Molly and Megan’s Little Basket
Potpourri Basket
Potpourri Scented Ball

Kitchen and Bath Baskets

Casserole Basket
Corner Basket
Bread Basket with Liner
Cracker Basket with Liner
Hang Around Basket
Napkin Basket with Garter
Vinegar and Oil Basket
Salt and Pepper Basket with Garter
Kitchen Collection
Two Pie Basket
Peanut Basket
Small Bowl Basket
Ribbed Potato Basket
Vinegar and Oil Basket with Oak Handle
Round Kitchen Container with Lid
Garlic Basket
Bandana Bun Basket
Tea Basket
Tank Topper
Tissue Cover
Hanging Wall Basket
Waste Basket
Smaller Tank Topper
Bathroom Collection
Hamper and Trash Baskets

Decorative and Useful Baskets

Wedding Cone
Garden Tool Basket
Mall Walker
Covered Round Basket with Lid
Butterfly Rib Basket
Desk Set
Business Card Holder
Dried Flower Vase
Egg Basket
Gathering Basket
Little Market Basket
Scalloped Basket
Round Container with Lid
Round Basket with Garter and Wire Handle
Stair Step Basket
Heart with Padded Lid
Large Basket with Handle

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